A new site design for 2016

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If you haven’t been around here in a while, you might notice something new… a new site design! It’s been a long time coming and I’m very happy to have finally put it out there. For this change, I had a couple of key things in mind…

  1. Simplicity – I want things to load faster.
    Madlantern Arts has always been a content heavy site (lots of images), which can mean long load times. So while a bit longer load time might be unavoidable, the bulk of that time I want to be content, not interface.
  2. Accessibility – I want my content to be more easily accessible on any screen.
    That means some sort of responsive layout was sorely needed. Only around 9% of Madlantern Arts’ visitors are currently seeing the site on mobile devices, while over 50% of web surfers are coming to your content via mobile devices. Clearly hanging onto a design that was not optimized for a diversity of screen sizes is noooo bueno. It was time to let it go!

I launched the redesign in two pieces. The first piece I launched in late December of 2015. That included all of the non-WordPress parts of my site… so the home page, the galleries, about, etc. The second part I launched yesterday (4/17/16) and applied to the store and the blog. It is a modification of the Krusze theme which seems like a solid and minimalist base… plus, why reinvent the wheel? 🙂

Plans and things upcoming!
Getting the redesign out the door finally frees up my few hours that I currently have to devote to my site to doing creative stuff like… well, adding new graphics, for example! Here are a few things on the horizon:

  • New graphics! I am planning on new high resolution and vector graphics, including perhaps some icon sets. I’m not absolutely sure what graphics I’ll add yet, but I’m working on it. If you have any good ideas, leave them in the comments, or send me a message.
  • Guest artist(s)..? It is quite possible that I’ve got a couple of guest artists lined up. 😉 Keep an eye out for their works!
  • Photos – I got a new 50mm lens and macro filters for my camera which means I can start taking those crazy, super-close, nearly microscopic photos again. As I start collecting those, I will share them here.

That is all for now!


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