Graphics Terms of Use

All clips copyright 1999 to present, Melanie Wilson and Madlantern Arts.

Web Resolution Graphics Terms of Use

All web resolution images in Madlantern’s Royalty Free Clipart Galleries are free for use in not-for-profit projects that add positive energy to our communities, such as class materials, non-profit organization materials, or home projects. Please do not sell this artwork or use it in projects for the purpose of making profit. If you would like to license artwork for use in a for-profit project, please contact me to arrange a solution.


High-Resolution Graphics Terms of Use

By downloading a full-size image from Madlantern Arts, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • The download and use of this full size image is granted to only you.
  • You may download the image once and store it in your own, non-public archive for your own future use.
  • You will not redistribute this image or allow it to be copied.
  • You may not sell, share, give away or otherwise allow others access to this image for the purpose of redistribution.
  • This image cannot be copyrighted or trademarked by you. (It is protected under US and International Copyright and Intellectual Property laws.)
  • This image may not be used in or used to promote subjects that are prohibited by law.
  • No support is included with this image. The image is provided as is. However, if you have problems downloading the image, please do contact me.
  • No refunds will be given, so please be certain your computer will support the provided format.