Beach at Pacific City, Oregon

Good times and busy times!

Published on Author Mel

Another summer is officially over now and we’re racing into the 4th quarter of 2015 already! What. The… where does the time go and why??

The last 12 months have been super busy for me. I’ve been doing tons of web development and have had to take a significant bit of time away from doing much at all besides maintenance on this site and my others. As a result I haven’t had any new content to add in quite some time. I also have not had time to implement my plans for upgrading the site. My apologies! I do still have plans for it all though!

In the next few months I plan to add more high resolution images (maybe even vectors) and make those versions downloadable for a small fee. I also want to do some throwback stuff (think ridiculous anims and memes) as well as just straight up artwork. I have high hopes that the crazy will start to subside here in November sometime and I can get started on that. OH I HOPE!

In the mean time, have a lovely autumn!