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Websites and Designs

I have been a designer, developer and/or consultant on hundreds of web projects since 1999. Below are highlights from my most favorite web projects from the last few years. You may also contact me for a consultation or get ideas about pricing.

Madlantern Arts website
Madlantern Arts

(Designer, developer & curator)
Up From The Roots website
Up From the Roots

(Designer, developer & curator)
Brew Love website
Brew Love

(Designer, developer & curator) - Soil blocker and garden supply store

(Consultant, Designer)
Sally Kipyego's Official Site
Sally Kipyego

(Designer, consultant, developer)
The OMbrella website
The OMbrella

(Consultant, developer)
Northwest Community Credit Union website
Northwest Community CU

(Former designer, developer, curator)
Mama's Insanity Sign Shop website
Mama's Insanity

(Designer, developer & curator)
Lane Community College website
Lane Community College

(Former developer & consultant)
Horton Organics website
Horton Road Organics

(Former designer, developer, curator)